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Mundane Landscapes

Moe’s Reggae Beach

Carl Warner has a passion for creating and making images from things that most people would not take a second look at. He loves finding pictures and beauty in the mundane and the banal. In creating landscapes from the contents of his fridge or building cities from sea shells or car parts, he’s more of a photographic illustrator who creates something from nothing, transforming one thing into another by simply composing and lighting.

Carl went to art college to become an illustrator but found that photography was a much faster medium to work in. For every one illustration, he could make a dozen photographic images. Now his work is so elaborately planned and constructed that those numbers would easily be reversed. He finds there is nothing more rewarding than going into his studio at the start of the day with an empty canvas and leaving at the end of the day with something wonderful to hang on the wall.

Paris Boulevard with Coffee
Pancake Lighthouse
Valley of the Reclining Woman
Autumn Sails
Panera Town
Moe’s Blues Bar
Coca-Cola Factory
Salami Mountains
Panera Farm

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