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Through Windows

Something’s Going On

One day, when he was just 7, his older brother Sean gave Pascal Campion the task of “copying” comic books covers in exchange for him to read the comics. That’s how his art career began. Since then, he spent hours sketching and drawing both comics and the beautiful landscapes of Provence, south France, where his family relocated back from River Edge, New Jersey, when he was 3. After graduating in 2000 from the Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg with a diploma in Narrative Illustration, Sean built him a new tool: a computer. It was the beginning of a new form of art for Pascal and a digital artist was born.

In 2006 Pascal began to truly develop his own art and style, but lacking time he had to come up with an efficient solution. It was then that “Sketch of the Day” was born: every morning, first thing, he creates a sketch, albeit full color, and a story unto itself. The project became a book, 3000 Moments.

Definitely Going to Be a Love Song
Hot Hot Hot
Fresh From the Oven

Windows seem to be at the center of his compositions, both as a start point of inspiration and as a way through which observing people’s life and their moments of tenderness.

As a freelance artist, since 2007 Pascal has worn many hats in the art world, from conceptual design to visual development for feature films and television, to creating commercial animation for clients such as Chevron and Disney, as well participating in DeepGreen movie. Today, Pascal lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, his current list of clients includes Dreamworks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Disney Toons, and many others.

Just Being Grateful
Fall Windows
Winter Sun
Me,Myself and I
Off Line
You Bring the Drinks I’ll Bring My Guitar
The City Is Like a Living Painting
She Is an Angel When She Sleeps

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