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Jailyne: Death on Horseback

On the occasion of the Day of the Dead — Día de Muertos — the Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and elsewhere, many people every year choose to commemorate this beautiful tradition on their social networks, as in the case of a woman who took some sensual images riding a horse with a skull bodypaint, going viral on the Internet. The set seems to recall the Triumph of Death fresco preserved in Palermo, Italy, which is one of the best paintings on this subject.

Triumph of Death (ca. 1446)

She’s the model and youtuber Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, who represented death painted in a skull and showed it on her Instagram account, impacting thousands of people. She also wanted to write a few words alongside the photographs, about the decoration: “I promise you there is nothing wrong with the painting, if it were so, I wouldn’t have put it on my skin so don’t worry about the horse, he’s more than fine.”

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