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Skyline and Loneliness

The Ritz

Chris Hytha is a professional designer, architecture student, and photographer in the Philadelphia area. He started teaching himself photography when he began architecture school, utilizing what he learned in classes to differentiate his photos.

Chris often imagines what could be, rather than what is. This is reflected in his surreal and fantastical representation of the city he fell in love with: “I have been taking photos of Philadelphia for years now, and the sight of the skyline still excites me.”

Lone Row Home 2
Day 76 – 3,526 Miles Traveled (Nevada)
Day 78 – 3,640 Miles Traveled (Nevada)
Day 24 – 1206.8 Miles Away from Home (Kentucky)
Two Stories
Be Polite
A Game of Light
Simplicity in Color
Lone Row Home 1

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