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5 fruits et légumes par jour

The art by Adèle Fugère is certainly a prime example of how the mind of a creative person works. Within this, each object takes on the most unthinkable forms, leaving its ordinary context towards a fantasy world that knows no limits.

Adèle is a journalist, TV host and illustrator from Nantes, France, known for her chronicles with strong humor that she wrote for France Bleu. Between married, family and professional lives, she enjoys the daily concerns that we all have, and in a more or less roundabout way too. “I know that my quirky and funny side is often put forward. Let’s say I’m trying to be at the crossroads of information and entertainment. I think the two are perfectly compatible,” she said.

Le lion
Le pianiste
Les fesses
Coquineries a la plancha
Le baseball
La souris
Les ciseaux
Le globe (un éloge à la fragilité)
La régate
La rizière
La guitare électrique
La machine à écrire

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