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Collect your Russia

Considered by someone as a Nabokov’s most twisted fantasy that comes true, Ellen Sheidlin, aka Sheidlina, attracted global attention for her escapist, absurdist color-drenched world. Born in 1994, in Saratov, Russia, she’s a force of nature who creates oil paintings and performance art.

As for us, we’re just dealing with a nice girl whose neverending creativity translates into some incredible fine art photography — which is what really allowed her to reach millions of followers now in love with her, especially on Instagram.

Like Alice (What happens to me when reading a book)
100% Organic
Ms Scarecrow, you look messy
Natural SPA
In the Shower
This is my body
Sea Box
Touch me with your hands
Look Closer
Merry Christmas
Look what I have created
Pestle and Stamen
Little Red Riding Hood
Tea with Jam

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