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Staring at the Sky

Tree of Life

There can be many reasons when people say to go outside and look up at the sky. Lân Nguyen, from Netherlands, just found his own one and decided to share it with us. He started out by posting pics of normal sunsets captured with his phone, but soon his mind has gone beyond. We all know how imagination have no limits, and a small flame — the colours of a sunset or a sunrise — sometimes is enough to ignite it.

“I get my ideas from staring at the evening skies and the night skies,” he said. “Sunsets have something magical about them. But, I’m mainly thinking non-stop of the ideas during the day, irrespective of whether I am involved in my favourite sport or am out to get the groceries.”

Kyoto, Japan
Strawberry Fields
Cherry Moon
The Cloudy Rose
The Streets
Carrot Island
The Scream
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
Christmas Ball

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