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Presence of Form


Jan Howlin likes to hand-build sculptural objects and always wants the form to tell the story, to allude to ideas and meaning through its three-dimensionality. To him, the nature of form is that it presents itself to us as a physical challenge, its powers of evocation, symbolism and connection being quite distinct from the impact two-dimensional imagery might have.

“In this virtual world, form is substance. Form is presence. Clay is a fine way to make form. It is both raw and material. You work with it, then you cook it. But in the process this lump of amorphous matter has the potential to become, or to suggest, almost anything.”

The Boys
The Boys, CU
Comforts of Home
Tools of Engagement II, SCA Galleries
Have We Got a Deal for Us!
Have We Got a Deal for Us! Details
Cactus Chair
Family Tree

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