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Missing Socks

Phil Witte

It is one of the mysteries that has conditioned our lives since the invention of the washing machine — our socks creeping into the yawning abysses of the laundry drum. Some experts acknowledged that vanishing socks are not your imagination. It turns out both washer’s top loaders and front loaders, or door’s rubber gasket, can eat our friends, and sometimes static electricity can cause their stick to other clothes in the dryer. So when you put two matching socks in the laundry, and only one comes back, you don’t have to give up, since you may still be able to find its mate.

But if you are an inveterate dreamer, and to technical explanations you always prefer to imagine that they find themselves in some Socks ‘n Spuds bar drinking their pain away, or at a singles night looking for a soul mate, or maybe you hope that your washing machine will return them all together as a Christmas gift, you just have to let go of all the experts and keep laughing and dreaming with your adventuring socks.

Ryan Pagelow
Scott Hilburn
Lonnie Easterling
Scott Hilburn
Mark Parisi
Bill Whitehead
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds
Lorie Ransom
Sara Zimmerman
Scott Hilburn
Dan Reynolds
Bill Whitehead
Chast Roz

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