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O Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Hair (Claudette Ackrich’s and Giselle Roc, 1961) – © Bettmann Collection

Did you put your Christmas tree up yet? No? Or not yet? You’re not up to it, this year? Do you need a really great idea, a special advice to keep it safe from your friends, your children, your cat… Or from yourself? In case you only miss a strong will, and you don’t want to reach the end of these holidays without your bloody Christmas tree, you should know that you don’t need much, that maybe your friend is already there, right next to you…

Can’t you see it? Ok, so try to give a look at the following images and then get back to look around — In case your motivations are not convincing enough, you can also find some original tips to tell ‘em around.

Book Christmas Tree
Christmas Ladder Tree
Christmas Ladder Tree
Log Christmas Tree
Hand Saw Christmas Tree
Christmas Card Tree
Christmas Dirty Laundry Tree
Christmas Light Tree
Little Christmas Tree
Prickly Pear Christmas Tree
Peace & Love Christmas Tree
Peace & Love Christmas Tree
Christmas Sheet Tree
Book Christmas Tree
Book Christmas Tree
Book Christmas Tree in public library (Sulęcin, Poland)
Tree Rex
Rotating Christmas Tree
Christmas Bottle Tree
Washing Up Christmas Tree
Xmas Diva – Photo: Lyonel Stief
Woman in a Christmas TreeGeof Kern
Christmas Foot TreeHanne Zaruma
A Christmas Tree Man in New York
Merry ChristmasAnucha “Cha” Saengchart
Broccoli Christmas Tree
Shredded Christmas Tree (Banksy inspired) – Kelley Cartwright and Kasey Snyder (Parkersburg Art Centre, West Virginia, US)
Shredded Christmas Tree (Banksy inspired)
No Responsibility Christmas Tree
Royal Christmas Tree – Reilly
Christmas Car Tree
Inflatable Christmas Tree by Paul McCarthy (Paris, 2014) – Photo: Marc Domage
Christmas Toothpaste TreeFrancesco Palermo
Xmas Lights – Liz Climo
Christmas LightsElisabetta Lo Greco
Christmas BallLân Nguyen
EasilyAndrei Popov
Unfaithful Christmas Tree – Mark Parisi
Christmas Tree Card Party – Mark Parisi
Déjà Vu – Nacho Diaz
Merry Christmas and a Happy Neu YearEnrique and Ines
Fat Christmas Tree – Scott Metzger
Christmas Pixel Tree – JaeBum Joo
My Christmas Tree AestheticHaley Weaver
Art of the Christmas Tree – John Atkinson
A Mole’s Christmas Tree

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