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Timeless Nights


After a period of angry political satire and wicked cartoons, Andrei Popov stopped to meditate in the moonlight and found a more humane way to see things. Then, a little like he was going to forget the magic of those moments, he started to set many of his illustrations in the poetry of timeless nights.

Born in St Petersburg, Andrei doesn’t like to call himself a professional, but rather an artist, like one of the Dina Rubina’s characters — On the Sunny Side of the Street has been a valuable book for his training.

Star Liquid
Silent Night
Night Drinker (inspired by Absinthe Drinker by Pablo Picasso)
Late for Golconda (inspired by Golconda by René Magritte)
Laundry Day
Not About Socks
Clown Love
Light and Dark
Drinking Away
Home Universes
Music of the Streets
Night Windows
Solar Maniac
Just a Little Patience
Are There Still Strengths?
Memores Aestate

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