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Her name is Jocelyn Chantelle, aka Joce Cova, from New York. Her art is always expressive to her current state of mind. Having an anxiety disorder — PNES —, she’s tried to take better care of herself. Now, as a mental health advocate, she uses this art to spread self love, and to help people with mental illness.

“I remember a time when I didn’t realize self care was a thing. Now I try my best to understand myself, my emotions, and my needs. I feel more confident and comfort with myself now than ever before. I realize now it’s not about becoming perfect, but to always strive for improvement. My emotions still change faster than the weather, but I’ve learned to appreciate and learn from them. I transfer these ideas into my designs.”

Rise and Shine
You’re My Cup of Tea
Love You
Care for Your Neighbors
Light Off
Stay Away
Cactus Legs
Cyster Hood (PCOS)
Happy Halloween
Holiday Cheer
Gingerbread Love
Tis the Season

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