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A Marble Life

(Render 100) What the – Models: Discobolus and Portrait of a Pergamene Prince

What if discus throwers, wrestlers or the Venus de Milo suddenly become part of our daily life? What if they find themselves in our apartments, in front of our appliances, on our sofas? What if Giambologna’s Abduction of a Sabine Woman takes place in front of a basketball hoop?

3D designer Kisa, from Lyon, France, tried to answer these and other particular questions — you will no longer go to the museum in the same spirit.

(Render 102) Unruly – Models: The Uffizi Wrestlers and Venus de Milo
(Render 101) Mine – Models: Wrestlers
(Render 106) Training – Models: Abduction of a Sabine Woman
(Render 121) Always the Same – Models : Medea, Recumbent Lion, Gayer Anderson’s Cat, Panthere
(Render 122) La Cène
(Render 117) Drink, This Is My Blood – Models: Buddy Christ, Drunken Faun, Good Shepherd, Crouching Boy
(Render 108) Continue Without Me – Models: Ludovisi Gaul
(Render 119) Don’t Panic, Bro – Models: Mercury and Bust of Marsyas
(Render 111) Stupid Angel – Models : Falling Warrior
(Render 250) Butterfly Effect
(Render 251) Monolith

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