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Haley Drew This

Haley is your friend. The one of free advice, who tells you “never mind” in the moments when you take yourself too seriously and you don’t realize it. The girl next door with a constant feeling of anxiety and a drawing for every occasion. Actually, everything she tells you is primarily aimed at herself. So you just have to try to observe her, and maybe you will learn to appreciate and smile about all the contradictions of our wonderful messy life.

Haley Weaver is a DC-based illustrator and writer. She specializes in digital art and is known for her webcomics centered around anxiety, mental health, relationships, and selfhood.

Nothing It Is
A reminder to reach out to your people today
Winter 1/10
Winter 2/10
Winter 3/10
Winter 4/10
Winter 5/10
What Is Love? 1/10
What Is Love? 2/10
What Is Love? 3/10
What Is Love? 4/10
What Is Love? 5/10
Have A Nice* Day
Not So Strung Out
My Anxiety
My Christmas Tree Aesthetic
A Noble Attempt

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