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My Friendship Circle Over the Years

It’s not that the world was going in a completely different direction, regarding our friendship circles and relationships in general — according to a January 2020 survey conducted by NPR, three out of five Americans are lonely and reported feeling left out, poorly understood or in need of companionship. And the situation would not seem to be different in the rest of the world as well. And perhaps all this cursing against a number, 2020, as if once again we had no responsibility in this story, is only the sign of a civilization still too tied to superstitions and to an apathetic and delegationist thinking.

What is certain is that 2020 has accelerated the process of human isolation, both internal and external, leading each of us to appreciate what most suited our own temperament.
A dog, a cat, some weed, a guitar … Everyone thought of drawing up their own chart in their own way.



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