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The Snowman

Three large snowballs of different sizes, and some other features like a carrot as nose, branches as arms and a top hat. Here comes the snowman. The earliest documentation of this anthropomorphic sculpture made of snow is a marginal illustration from a 1380 book of hours, found in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague — author Bob Eckstein writes about it in his book, The History of the Snowman. The earliest known photograph of a snowman was taken in 1853 by Welsh photographer Mary Dillwyn.

According to Bob Eckstein of Smithsonian, like some of man’s oldest forms of folk art, the snowman is, and always has been, a byproduct of man’s primal instinct to depict himself in art — before the age of Frosty, he was abused by children and exploited by advertisers. Today he is mostly the protagonist of funny cartoons or illustrations in which they play around with his weakness, that of ending up loose.

People dancing around a snowman – Woodcut (1511)
The Snowman No. 2 (ca. 1853) – Photo: Mary Dillwyn
Gramps and the Snowman (1919) – Norman Rockwell
Frosty the Snowman book (1951)
Snowman in Penza-19 (Zarechny), Russia
(December 1, 1966 – February 28, 1971) –
Photo: Boris Miryaev
A classic style three-ball snowman in Winona Lake, Indiana, USA. The snowman has a top hat, a carrot nose, a corncob pipe, charcoal for the eyes and mouth and buttons on the body, branches on the sides for arms, and a scarf (January 5, 2014)
Punk Snowman
Violinist Snowman
Snowy Jimi – Snowman head on Jimi Hendrix statue at Pine and Broadway, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Drunk Snowman in Czech Republic
Upside Down Snowman
18-feet-tall, inflatable snowman in Chippewa Township, Pennsylvania – Photo: Donna Schaefer
Stem CellsDan Piraro
Smell Like CarrotsDave Coverly
Snow Robbery – John Xagoraris
NorthwardsPol Leurs
Art SnowmenJoscha Sauer
Snowy Scream – from The Scream
Snowy Lunch
Snowman – Will Sanders

2 thoughts on “The Snowman Leave a comment

  1. Brilliant, Stem Cells – love Snow Robbery – clever Snow Art .
    We not longer get real snow falls in England sadly


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