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Drawing Anything

Draw a Plump Potato

Speaking of brilliance related to essentiality — here once again of the stroke —, Anatoly Chilik, from Minsk, is perhaps one of the most famous artists on the Russian-speaking Internet. His distinctive feature has become the already cult heading “Drawings at the request of subscribers”, which can be considered the Chilik trademark.

Of course, drawing on request is but a way to show a boundless creativity which, however, expressing itself only in Cyrillic, we have not been able to fully appreciate.

Draw 30 Seconds to Mars
Draw a Girl Who Is Happy with Her Weight
Draw a Walrus-Unicorn
Draw Pinky’s Revenge
Draw a Terminator Trying to Prevent the US from Coming
Draw Italian Loneliness
Draw a Car That Turns Bad People into Good People
Draw a Little Boy Cheating on a Little Girl
Draw a Lake in the Sky
Draw a Day-Long Life
Draw Eminem
Draw a Stapler Wedding
Draw a Greedy Romance
Draw Fighting Cats
Draw a Weird Little Bulldozer
Draw a Poster for Harry Potter and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Send Me the Last Photo In Your Phone
Treasure Under the Roof
Ordered to Be Cut
Tetris 1
Tetris 2
Tetris 3

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