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Snow Venus

Snow Venus

Daniel and Miguel Ángel are longtime friends and art enthusiasts who sculpt a Venus de Milo out of snow, as soon as they get a chance. The chance in this case has been the passage of the storm Filomena through Alcalá de Henares, Spain. They went down to the Parque del Ángel neighborhood, just to enjoy the snowfall …

“Our idea was to make a doll. So we started to lift snow until we were a meter high and we got a good base. My friends went for a drink and when they came back we had already three meters of snow. So high that we had to climb a few steps,” Daniel told Dream Alcalá.

Daniel and Miguel Ángel at work
Marble Venus de Milo at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France, by Alexandros of Antioch (between 130 and 100 BC) – Photo: Matthew Girling

Daniel Mora runs an osteopathy and sports massage center, while Miguel Ángel García is a firefighter with a baccalaureate in arts. They sculpted the statue — excluding the head from the model — for six hours, plus another two, gathering snow for the figure. “We put the doll so high that I told Miguel Ángel that we had to do something with that. I stared at it, and the shape of the mound had proportions similar to the Venus de Milo. I told Miguel to do it and we got on with it”.

The residents of the neighborhood were amazed by the work, even the police stopped to congratulate them on what they were doing. The photos and videos of their Venus have gone around the world thanks to an upload on Reddit.

Miguel Ángel García
Daniel Mora

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