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European View

When he draws his cartoons, Gatis Sluka is keen to specify that he usually does it from a European point of view. And when people on the other side of the world find his work relatable, he feels as he has done his job well. “I hope that each day my work helps enrich everyone’s life through drawings and thought provoking subject matter,” he said.

Born in Latvia, Gatis received his Master’s degree in graphic fine art from the Art Academy of his city. Since then, he has successfully collaborated for almost 20 years with such companies and magazines as Washington Post, USA Today, China Daily and Greenpeace.

“I feel my personal style has continued to grow and will continue to grow with each new project. I love to experiment with different techniques and to try out new drawing tools and technology — digitally and also traditionally.”

The Plastic Age
Daily Movements
Electric Life
Smart Working
Working Remotely
Masquerade Ball
Physical Distancing
Sneezing at School
School During the COVID-19
The Politics and Freedom of Speech
Greta Thunberg 2019
Sea Monster
The Ocean’s Inhabitants
Plastic Autumn
Euro 2016
Born to be a Footballer
Hero of Autumn
The Career Ladder
Childhood Then and Now
Vaccination Strategy
Look at Me, I Got My Vaccination
New Year
Time Travel
Listen to Your Heart

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