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Water Throne

Created by Claude Somajini, a former plumber turned inventor, Water Throne is a skull-shaped bowl with punk-rock accents. It took three years of development and involves, because of its reliefs, the combination of twenty-four molds.

With its new rimless design, the toilet allows flushing water to flow in an innovative, efficient way — no more bacteria. The result is a dynamic, powerful water flow describing a horizontal circle before water flows vertically, thus cleaning the entire bowl. The RGB LED system works through the reception of acoustic signals and creates a lighting ambience. You may customise your skull as you please — including the flush button.

Through his Water Throne, Claude Somajini sought to revisit the toilets, much too classic in his eyes. But why a skull? “It’s trendy and timeless,” he said. It is accessible from a basic price of € 1990 — white model with Crystal eyes — plus possible options, to be added to the base price, like the choice of color, the BOSS Audio System driven by Android, or the Multi color LED with remote control. It has already bewitched patrons of nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

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  1. Thank you very much for your interest in my product.

    You will find on my web site ( all the characteristics of the WATERTHRONE with its variants of creations as well as on Instagram : waterthrone

    The basic price for a white model with Crystal eyes is 1990.00 €uro HT ex works (06 Alpes Maritimes – France)
    Possible options (to be added to the base price)
    Choice of color : 2600.00€ HT
    BOSS Audio System driven by Android : 290.00€ HT
    Multi color LED with remote control : 149.00€ HT

    You have the possibility to customize my WATERTHRONES as you wish, allowing you to give free rein to your imagination; a study with quotation will be necessary.

    You will find on my site and Insta models already made and Install.
    For information, WATERTHRONE is adaptable on all support frames.
    Manufacturing lead time :
    White : available immediately
    Color : 45 days delay

    Worldwide delivery possible,
    If you want a shipping rate, please give me your address for the shipping rate.

    I remain at your disposal for any information you need.
    You can join me by mail or by phone and I am also available to meet you by appointment.
    Waiting to be honored by your orders;
    Best regards

    Claude Somajini, the creator.


  2. its a bit too expencive. i know, high costs on little sales, but 2k??

    I would buy this if its about 500.

    Its not something everybody would really install in their home, especially family homes, which are the most homes. so, not a lot buyers…

    but i absolutely love it 😀 great work


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