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Artoo Deco

Kurt Zimmerman has written over 100 books and enjoys writing stories for his grandchildren and getting feedback from his readers. His full-time occupation is Director of Operations for a 31 store hardware chain in Michigan. In his spare time he builds movie props and makes public appearances with his screen-accurate R2D2 and Chopper droids from the Star Wars universe, along with Artoo Deco, a retro-droid of his own design, and another original droid creation like L1-FT.

Kurt visits schools with his droids to inspire young minds, and does hospital visits to cheer up young patients. Artoo Deco is capable of movement under radio control, and with an in-built sound-system that makes cool, droidish noises.

Little Elizabeth Oliver poses in front of Collector’s Corner comic shop (Midland, Texas) with Artoo Deco – Photo: Ashley Schafer
Artoo Deco in Kurt’s Garage
Artoo Deco in Kurt’s Garage
Artoo Deco in Kurt’s Garage
Artoo Deco in Kurt’s Garage

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