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An American Portrait

Drabbles – Kathleen Kyllo

American portrait photographer from Brooklyn, New York, Bill Wadman launched his career by completing, a daily project which won him praise from USA Today, the Times of London, Playboy, and was chosen as Yahoo! Site of the Day — a big deal at the time. After a degree from Berklee College of Music and a career as an art director in the wonderful world of NYC advertising, Bill rediscovered photography and figured out what he wanted to do with his life.

Equally at home connecting with subjects behind the camera and perfecting their image in front of a computer, Bill’s technical skills are more than matched by his natural eye for what makes a great photograph. Notoriously obsessive and rarely satisfied, Bill is interested in just about every subject, prefers to paint his own backgrounds, build his own Macs, and perhaps most ironically, does not like getting his picture taken as a general rule of thumb.

New Year’s Party
Trudy Yoahs – Wrapped
Mary on the Edge
Dancers in Motion #1
Drabbles – Amber Bogdewiecz
Dancers in Motion #2
Drabbles – Kelsey Gangnath
Cici in the Bookshelf
Drabbles – Adrienne Zetlin
Drabbles – Anna Hurley

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