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Furry Artworks

The Starry NightVincent van Gogh

It has long been common to reproduce the world’s most famous paintings by imitation. In this abstract idea, Murat Yıldırım, from Istanbul, Turkey, used furs as a creative tool to move world-famous paintings forward. Through this effect, he combined the colors of all pictures in an innovative and vibrant way. “I have been impressed by classical paintings since my childhood. However, since modern art has become digital, I have turned all this into my favorite 3D artwork.”

Murat is an artist closely followed by international contemporary art organizers and curators. He shapes his skills according to the art trends of the digital world, with artificial intelligence and computer-generated imagination methods.

The Scream – Edvard Munch
Impression, Soleil Levant – Claude Monet
Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer
The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí
Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

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