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Eagles Nest Retreat

Only You and the Earth – Photo: Ella Lucy

Nestled in the countryside at the foothills of Mount Roland, close to Cradle Mountain’s pristine wilderness, in Tasmania, Australia, it’s been described as “Heaven on Earth” by anyone who has been lucky enough to gaze at the mountains in every view and lose themselves “in the moment.”

“You’ll breathe in, and leave your worries at the door. It’s time to pamper your senses.”

Eagles Nest Retreat features a multitude of spas in each one of their villas. Indoors and outdoors, jacuzzis, bathe and relax in nature and enjoy peace of mind. They say this place is “more than luxury accommodation, it’s an experience of transformation. Designed with your relaxation and wellness in mind, once you arrive, you will not want to leave.”

Nothing to Do – Photo: Macky Boy
Private Waterfall – Photo: Ella Lucy
Bucket List Goals – Photo: Jessica Ley
Insanely Lucky – Photo: Bec Abel
Laughter is the Best Medicine – Photo: The Ginger Wanderlust
This // Life – Photo: Ella Lucy
Insanely Lucky – Photo: Bec Abel
In the Moment
Endless Starry Sky – Photo: Simon Sturzaker

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