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Enjoy the View


Creative, Simple, Architecture. Three words to describe what Martin Lindner really loves in his life — especially on weekends: “Some weekends truly exist for just being lazy and doing nothing. Some are there for you to do the things you love to do. Set yourself a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. For me that means exploring my home town Cologne street by street, shopping mall to the backyard of a small house as well as from the top of hotel roofs to underground transport stations like this one. While strolling around with friends of mine to the enjoy time together, I keep an creative eye open and make my friends part of my photography. I surely need a day between Saturday and Sunday though.”

Martin used to take pictures with his mobile phone only. He couldn’t imagine switching to a full-frame camera ever. Then, his mindset has changed, he just needs a higher resolution on most of his photographs. But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t value his old kind of camera anymore …

Unexpected Wrong Turn (Altenburg)
Pay to Play (Honk Kong)

“I have my phone with me basically all the time. I surprisingly often end up walking by something that interests me, and I take a quick shot for future reference or even just use my phone to get a good shot of my vantage point. I also use my phone for most of the editing I do for my photographs,” and finally, “I enjoy playing around with the rather small size of a phone compared to a full-frame camera. The small size lets me capture from angles that are otherwise not possible.”

Among his tag series, Minimal People and The Hanging Collection, took all around the world.

Hang in There, Buddy (Rotterdam)
Straight Facade (Seoul)
Vortex (Cologne)
Code Red (Rotterdam)

Don’t be Afraid, Enjoy the View (Athens)

No Signal (Singapore)

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