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Points of View

Sometimes the Storm Keeps Me Alive

“Sometimes I compare myself to the hills that surround my city. They are dry most of the year, but when the first rains and storms arrive, everything turns green and full of life. Everything blooms. It’s okay to cry to flourish!”

When she was 11, Jessica Rayas told her mother about the stains on her pants. She told her that it was normal. Now she’s 22, her period is irregular and she keeps staining sheets and underwear. She’s tried free bleeding and, although it still doesn’t work, it has helped her learn to listen to her body. Before, she thought that menstruation was the worst thing that could happen to her, but now she think there is nothing wrong with it — even though she keeps pouting.

It’s not so easy nowadays to find people like Jessica who can see the positive side of things. People who can make sense of suffering, and realize that without it there is no real joy, no beauty, no irony … No other point of view.

Points of View 1
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Points of View 3
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Oh, You Arrived
Anxietea 1
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Looking for a Soft Place to Fall
Points of View 5
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Points of View 7
Points of View 8
Sisterhood (Matisse inspired)

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