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Leaf Couture

Originally, Martha Haversham’s found fashion/trashion was picked-up on her lunch break and made back in the office. As an artist, she’s interested in how this practical necessity feeds into the perception of what constitutes interdisciplinary practice and female art. If the price of her artwork rises to reflect her status as a contemporary artist, it will be in direct contrast to the diminishing value of the invisible secretary who made them.

“For years I supported my creative projects with income from a stereotypical job with no progression whatsoever and I began to address the confusion of my artistic status whilst assisting others in power.”

Twins in Swimming Caps

Toilet Roll Trapeze Dress
Fag Butt Trousers

Martha’s interdisciplinary practice responds to the world aesthetically, conceptually and satirically. She’s exploring value and worth, using techniques from both the visual and performing arts to evaluate lives and objects of low and hidden status.

“To be oblique and inaccessible in this conceptual realm is pointless, my use of nostalgic triggers, playful miniature scale, digital platforms, found objects and natural materials are a conduit to the philosophy that art empowers, sustains and rewards, providing a profundity of endeavour and a curiosity equal to all.”

Leaf Couture
Hot Pants
Best Foot Forward
Two Carrot Trousers – The Pandemic Food Parcel Collection 2021
Another Classy Look
Rizla Plus-Size Skirt
Hair Slide Comb Mini
Change Purse Skirt
Fishy Leggings
A Totally Fabulous Rubbish Christmas
Mrs Claus
Tinsel Trousers
Burst Balloon Bellbottoms
Finding Fashion
Leaf Couture AW20
All Dressed-Up for a Big Day – Begonia Petal Couture 2021

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