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Black & Colour Wedding

After knowing each other for 12 years, Von and Ryan Bishop engaged and married in August 2019. Initially they didn’t want a wedding at all, but then decided to please their parents and have a real party but make it into a bit of a work-related project, too. Von is a graphic designer and owner of Ivy Creative, while Ryan is a printer and owner of Boom Studios, both located in Collingwood neighbourhood of Melbourne, Australia. Von is all black, Ryan is all colour.

They set to work designing their wedding within the confines of the empty, grey space of the Neon Parc art gallery, in the Brunswick neighbourhood. The concept idea was a collision of neon-bright colours against black. They build everything from scratch including a kitchen in the parking lot behind the gallery. Only a 23-metre table fit in the space so that determined the number of guests: 74.

The table was designed by Boom’s industrial design team and built on site from leftover materials from other projects. The table setting was designed by Von and her sister, interior designer Danica. They scoured second-hand shops, flea markets and garage sales for statues and toys that were painted and/or velvet-flocked at Boom. Each of the couple picked out their personal favourite graphics. Boom printed and installed in total 552 square metres of graphics made of heading-to-garbage material donated by various suppliers.

The guests were told nothing in advance, except the couples were asked to select either all colour or all black. Single guests were told which colour to wear so that they would match the décor perfectly. They didn’t even know where the wedding would be, until the day of the event. Upon entering the space they were served a colour cocktail and a dark cocktail. After a short mix-and-mingle and a super-short ceremony, the real party started with food served banquet-style. “We had the best party of all time, and we ate and drank till 4 a.m.,” the couple says.

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