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A Candle for Everything

A Candle for Karma – Scented with Hahahaha.

Perhaps, after Gwyneth Paltrow’s candle — smelling like her orgasm or vagina —, the stake went up to the point of discouraging any other attempt in this sense. So, Whiskey River Soap Co. chose to turn it into a joke, through their handmade soaps, candles and bath bombs that “smell great and hopefully make you laugh.” Their candles are “always hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax and 0% bullshit.” Fragrance blends match each concept and corresponding soap.

Whiskey River Soap Co. was founded more than fourteen million years ago in the outskirts of Ancient Rome by a ragtag group of freelance gladiators, stray dogs and out-of-work magicians. Apart, these charlatans were nothing but lazy ne’er do wells akin to a modern-day cable company, but when they encountered one another by chance at the dumpster behind the monster truck rodeo and picked up that legendary tube of half-used superglue, they formed a bond that would last throughout the ages, and even be featured on the History Channel as incontestable proof of alien life.

A Candle for Fake News – Smells Like Drinking the Kool-Aid
A Candle for Fuc*ing Meetings – Smells Like This Could Have Been an Email
A Candle for Working from Home – Smells Like Video Calls That Could Have Been Emails
A Candle for Office Gossip – Smells Like a Scandal
A Candle for Napping – Smells Like My One True Love
A Candle for Science – Smells Like Black Magic
A Candle for Zero Fuc*s – Smells Like You Have None Left to Give
A Candle for Introverts – Unscented
A Candle for It’s Fine – Smells Like Somebody’s Passive-Aggressive
A Candle for Calm the F Down – Smells Like Just Breathe
A Candle for Tomorrow, Okay? – Smells Like a Classic Procrastinator
A Candle for Grammar Police – Smells Like Your Annoying
A Candle for Karens – Smells Like a Can of Hairspray and a 911 Trigger Finger
A Candle for Sunday Funday – Smells Like Mimosas & Cheap Gossip
A Candle for Okay Moms – Smells Like Truth
A Candle for Smart Fuc*ers – Smells Like Go Away
A Candle for Last Night – Smells Like I Can’t Even
A Candle for You’re the Worst – Smells Like That’s Why I Love You

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