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Which came first, the ball or the pins? Is it masochism or bullying? Is there still something to laugh and cheer on, or should we rather empathize and stop this abuse immediately? These are the questions that the world of comics and cartoons seems to have raised, by bringing the good old game of bowling to a more human level.

The earliest known forms of bowling date back to ancient Egypt, with wall drawings depicting bowling being found in a royal Egyptian tomb dated to 5200 BC. and miniature pins and balls in an Egyptian child’s grave about 5200 BC.
In 1366, the first official mention of bowling in England was made, when King Edward III banned it as a distraction to archery practice.

The Bowling Game – Jan Steen (c. 1655)
Clipping from cover of Harper’s Weekly magazine showing woman hitting a strike in a bowling alley as others watch (20 October 1869)

A painting from around 1810 shows British bowlers playing a bowling sport outdoors. It shows a triangular formation of ten pins chronologically before it appeared in the United States.

On 9 September 1895, the modern standardized rules for ten-pin bowling were established in New York City by the new American Bowling Congress.

Big Bowling Ball is Watching You – Bill Whitehead
Revenge – Bill Whitehead
A Career in Bowling – Lonnie Millsap
Clarification – Lonnie Easterling
Chef Amour – Dan Thompson
Ball’s Job – Dave Whamond
Why Me? – Charles Barsotti
Reset – Mark Parisi
Pin’s Halloween – Wayno
Payback Time – Farley Katz
Spare – Safely Endangered
I Get Knocked Down – Scott Metzger
The Trouble with Bowling Pins (Space Bowling) – Nick Wolfe

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