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Secret Rooms

Most of us have probably dreamed, or somehow had to do, with a secret passage in their lifetime. As a child, one of my favourite ones was nothing more than the inside of a bedroom closet, where I just added a pillow to rest my back comfortably.

Used by rulers and wealthy citizens since the dawn of time, a secret passage is now found practically everywhere, from ancient castles to period buildings, but also in completely normal apartments. If you have a fairly spacious house, the simplest method seems to be the bookcase. Otherwise, when the space is a little tight, the wardrobe can become your special refuge.

Secret Playroom – Maple Seed Renovation
Minimalist loft of Skåne Summerhouse plays host to a secret bedroom behind a concealed panel in the timber cladding – LASC Studio
Hidden door in bookcase for bathroom entrance – Savvy Surrounding Style
Ingleside – Modern 1920s shingle style hidden closet – Visbeen Architects (Photo: Bill Hebert & Jim Yochum)
Secret room behind bookcase door passage – Premier Contracting & Remodeling
Hidden stone door featuring an exquisite door system leading to ones wine cellar or wine room. You just have to tilt each wine bottle hanging on the wall, in a specific order. Enter the code correctly and the hidden wine rack door will open up – Creative Home Engineering
Secret kid’s playroom under the staircase of Danalda Residence – Von Fitz Design
When open, this bookcase door reveals a spiral staircase to a private executive library and office on the second floor. The library has a balcony that looks over the great room. The library is decked out with wall-to-wall cherry cabinets – Kuhl Design Build
Arts and Crafts style kitchen with Hideaway cabinet (Hershey, Pennsylvania) – Colonial Craft Kitchens
Hidden Under Stair Hideaway – Just Basements
Secret Bedroom – Riad Dar Darma (Marrakech, Morocco)



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