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Henriette H

Le coffret Grande fille

Just by chance, today we stumbled upon the fascinating world of Henriette H, a subtle mix of three women: a sexy star, an independent muse, and a romantic seductress. All three coexist harmoniously in Sarah Stagliano’s body and mind.

As a child, Sarah followed an alternative education centered on the arts and handcrafting. Later she entered the conservatory to become an actress. The stage, literature, dressing up, playing, writing, telling stories. This is what she has always loved to do.

Dévêtue – Photo: Denis Boulze
Petit culotte de l’amoureuse

Together with the theater, she works as a saleswoman in a department store. Sarah doesn’t know anything about fashion. She is not Parisian or rich and naively thinks that this overly sophisticated world is not for her. So she discovers, a little by chance, this new universe.

Her first medium of expression was a jewelry collection with an antique charm. Then, during a trip to India, Sarah discovers the cotton veil, always fascinated by intimacy, eroticism and words. She develops her first flounced panties embroidered with a man’s name on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. We are in 2014.

Since then, the Maison Henriette H and their embroidered panties have won the hearts and buttocks of Parisians. Their Instagram is a delicate place made of art, flowers and photos.

Poppies (17th century) – Johann Jakob Walther
Soeurs – Photo: Jules Dalod-Danesi
Envole-Moi – Photo: Denis Boulze
Lavande – Photo: Charles Helleu
Le coffret Grande fille
In the Evenings Sometimes – Photo: Eva Abeling
Chouchoutée – Photo: Denis Boulze
La culotte Jane léopard – Henriette H x Holi Holi
Nine – Photo: Denis Boulze

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