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Invisible Drawings

Barrio de caras

I’d like to sing to you if you’d like me to
I’d like to dance with you if you’d like me to
I’d like to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep with you

Devendra Banhart
from A Ribbon (2004)

If, one night, the moon chose someone to sing, dance or sleep with, she’d certainly pay a visit to Gervasio Troche and all the actors, trees, trumpeters or tightrope walkers animating his sheets. An invisible world which silently interrogate us, without meaning to, and reveal a person who does not hide his feelings. A dreamer, a man with a mission that transcends the routines of our lives.

Born in Argentina in 1976, Gervasio spent his childhood in Mexico and France, and then settled in Uruguay where he currently lives. He began his training in a cartoon workshop and also attended the National School of Fine Arts in Montevideo for several years. In 2012, he published Dibujos InvisiblesInvisible Drawings —, a collection of works from his website.

Explota la ciudad
Equilibrista desnudo
Te convido
Cassette y cinta
Duerme mujer
Padre e hijo en la playa
Amacando la soledad
Lleve adentro
Skate rake
Beso infinito
9 meses
Cabezudo mirador
Remontando estrellas
Ventanas nocturnas
Negro Púa
Borrachos pero con flores
Luna borracha

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