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Part-Time Chun-Li

Officially, she’s a Chinese Interpol detective, a powerful martial artist, and the main female protagonist of the Street Fighter video game series. Her name is Chun-Li, and she is one of the major lead characters alongside Ryu and Ken.

In 2018, Red Bull thought to send her undercover into a Chinese restaurant in Japan, in the likeness of the gravure idol, tarento and actress, Yuka Kuramochi. Of course, the story, documented by photographer Maruo Kono, was originally created by the editorial department and has nothing to do with the actual game.

Reading Japanese manga, before the store opens – Photo: Maruo Kono
Cleaning the tables – Photo: Maruo Kono
Taking a break – Photo: Maruo Kono
A job before the store opens – Photo: Maruo Kono
Preparations complete – Photo: Maruo Kono
Wondering if it’s time to deliver to the regulars – Photo: Maruo Kono
Delivery service – Photo: Maruo Kono
Chatting with the shop owner before departure – Photo: Maruo Kono
Chun-Li receives hot ramen and smiles with a big smile – Photo: Maruo Kono
Making a large order just because the customer did not come anymore – Photo: Maruo Kono
Powering by the taste of her home country, before the fight – Photo: Maruo Kono
End of the day – Photo: Maruo Kono
Finally Home

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