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Not Funny

Common crocodiles, lemmings committing suicide — according to what is a common popular belief — mad scientists and clowns. This is only one part of Joscha Sauer’s world, strictly hand-drawn and colored in watercolor. In addition to this, common scenes of everyday life, represented however in a sarcastic, ironic or simply illogical light.

Grew up in Frankfurt, but living in Berlin, Joscha began publishing his humorous cartoons on his Nichtlustig website, in 2000. The author chose this name, which literally means “not funny”, because he was not sure that his comic style, not exactly immediate, would be understood and appreciated by the public. Contrary to these predictions, however, the site, which exhibited a new cartoon for free every day, began to register in a relatively short time, a good number of daily visitors, and the name of the cartoonist and his cartoons began to spread among visitors to the German-speaking network. His fame eventually reached the point of convincing a German publishing house, Carlsen, to offer the young author a contract in 2003.

Bozo has to laugh, as he realizes the stupidity of his actions.
(I put up the electric fence, and a week later they had TV and death penalty.)
(Fire!) // (Lactose Intolerance!)
Doctor Crocodile
Retired Crocodile
(I can not, when someone’s watching.)
Drug Counseling Lemming (Take a lot.)
Creative Lemmings
Electrician Lemming
Lemmings in the Swimming Pool
(I’m already dead inside.)
Synchronized Swimmer Yetis
Illiterate School [Class is canceled today.]
Permanent Make-Up
Art Snowmen
Halloween Night
(Robert, you are adopted.) // (Poor pig.)

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