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Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine – Photo: Zvonimir Atletic

Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance. That’s what Valentine’s day is all about. But the origin of this holiday for the expression of love really isn’t romantic at all — at least not in the traditional sense.

Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells Valentine was a Roman Priest at a time when there was an emperor called Claudias who persecuted the church at that particular time. He also had an edict that prohibited the marriage of young people. This was based on the hypothesis that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen to them or their wives or families if they died.

St. Valentine Healing an Epileptic Man – Wellcome Images
St. Valentine Celebrating a Wedding – Stained-glass window at the Basilica of St. Valentine in Terni, Italy

Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against command of Emperor Claudius the second.

In the year 269 AD, Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for Christian marriage. The story goes that the last words he wrote were in a note to Asterius’ daughter. He inspired today’s romantic missives by signing it, “from your Valentine.” Then, something has changed …

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