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Tati Moons

The Rooster | Chinese Zodiac

Tatiana Luna, aka Tati Moons, is a self-taught digital artist who learned everything from Youtube videos, tutorials, and watching other artists’ artworks. But, as herself says, “that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to art school! It was just not for me.”

Tatiana usually sketches with a pen on a notebook whenever she comes with a new idea. If she likes it, then she would take her tablet and start sketching digitally. “I just block my idea very roughly and start coloring and shading right after I have something visible. I do not follow any particular order, I just go with the flow if that makes any sense.”

Among her series, the Western and Chinese Zodiac, the Four Elements and that on art masterpieces.

Mona Lisa
The Horse | Chinese Zodiac
The Snake | Chinese Zodiac
Birth Of Venus Fanart
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Dragon | Chinese Zodiac
The Monkey | Chinese Zodiac
Mars Goddess
Valentine’s Day

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