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Ario Stories

In a world of people who are not afraid of everything by now, who respect each other, and are strangers to greed, perhaps there would be no need to repeat it again and again. But unfortunately, we don’t live in such a place, and so the need to avert some aspects of this gnawing fear keeps coming out, often more disruptive than necessary.

“The black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness,” writes photographer Kelly Ario as a caption for a new photo post. As if the black that is enhanced by all the other colors around were no longer enough. As if the beauty of diversity still needs words to be understood and enjoyed. Unfortunately this is still the case. Kelly is a promoter of African culture, from Nigeria, and we believe her “stories” do not need any caption.

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  1. Your portraits are wonders! Black skin is so beautiful, full of undertones and blends so well with the colors around it! – I agree with your text so much – Bravo for your delightful art ❤


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