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Fetish Virus

Masked Laocon – Cottonbro

We were at some funny pictures, Gwyneth Paltrow’s candle or Erykah Badu’s incense, but someone must have merged all together. So, here is the mask that smells like vagina. Which vagina? That of some women who are selling their used knickers on the Internet, especially fetish sites like Snifffr and All Things Worn — of course, the business is also involving the male universe.

The facemasks are kept inside the seller’s underwear, or in another intimate spot, for long enough to pick up a scent before being sold on the site for up to $250 — about £180. They’re often sold in conjunction with private photos showing the seller naked, or just with the mask on.

Sexycovid 0.1 – Corrado Inturri
The End of the World by Nhtmint – from L’Origine du Monde by Gustave Courbet (1866)

“I think people like them because they’re able to enjoy a fetish outside of their home.” Vendor Cat said Vice. “I think it’s like a little secret only they know and it makes it risky and fun. It’s personally thrilling to me knowing that a mask I’ve had in my panties or shoes is now being worn on someone’s face and they’re enjoying it.”

Seller Laceysniffs said “A lot of my clientele fetishize scents, so being able to have a mask full of my fragrances pressed tightly in their face, and being able to deeply inhale my scents, can be a highly euphoric and erotic experience.” She used to sell used socks, but started selling facemasks a few months ago due to public demand. If a mask has just been pressed against her body for 24 hours she charges $5, but the price doubles if she’s urinated on it. When you just have a nose for business…

Pink Stripes Face Mask – Vagina Museum
Death by Vagina Mask – Daniel Aegan

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