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Made By Tio

How Your Brain Works

Tio has been drawing and sketching his entire life, just thanks to his older brothers, who are way more talented than he is. A life made of an ordinary madness which, as with Bukowski’s literature, ultimately concerns each of us. He started to create webcomics in December 2016, when he was addicted to Imgur and really enjoyed various webcomic artists.

After giving his works a go, Tio immediately knew it was something he liked. “I loved and still love the idea that you can express so much with four little panels, that you can make people think about different topics, or simply bring smiles to their faces,” he said. “I bought the cheapest graphic tablet I could find and just started drawing.”

Wholesome Monster
Get Outside
Time Travel Part II
The Explosive Combination
Don’t Get Too Comfy
How Your Brain Works Part VII
Cats Be Like Part II
Payback Time
Payback Time Part II
Dads in a Nutshell
The Forbidden Light Switch (in Daddy’s Car)
Cat: If in Doubt, Better Smack
Halloween 2019
How Your Brain Works Part V
Monday vs Weekend

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