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Jim’ll Paint It

Jim is a human male from Bristol, England. He is best known for his popular ongoing social media project Jim’ll Paint It where, using an archaic version of Windows Paint, he takes requests from his followers and turns them into bizarre and often intricately detailed paintings. His work has been retweeted by many of his subjects including Sir Alan Sugar and Phillip Schofield. He has produced artwork for clients as diverse as National Geographic and Transform-A-Snack and featured in The Guardian, The Independent and Vice.

Among his other creations is a series of labels for That Boutiquey Rum Company, an experimental image generator for BBC Three and two animated shorts for video game parody channel Mashed. In 2014 he published his first book, Electric Dreams, which compiled his earliest work. The follow up, Of Mouse and Man was released in 2019. When he is not painting he enjoys watching obscure horror films and playing old video games.

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Having a Fight with Prince Harry Over Who Is Least Known as Prince. In the Background We Can See the The Queen, and Queen (the Band) Also Fighting Over a Similar Thing (As Requested by Lee Wheeler)
E.T. Go Home, You’re Drunk (As Requested by Benjamin Evenden)
A Tribute to 80s Pop Culture
Andrew Lloyd Webber Trying to Read a Goosebumps Book in a Strip Club (As Requested by David Kershaw)
Pennywise the Clown Working As the Department IT Guy and Being Overburden with Tech Support Work (As Requested by Chris Gosdin)
Neo from The Matrix in Boots Agonising Over Whether He Should Buy Paracetamol or Ibuprofen (As Requested by Aaron Williams)
Tory Squat Party. Boris Has a Nosebleed from Snorting Too Much Speed, May Is Drinking Special Brew, and Hunt Is Burning the Criminal Justice Bill while Farage, in Full Hunting Gear, Is Calling the Police (As Requested by Matt Durstan Tilke)
Trump, Pence and William Pryor in Drag on a RuPaul-esque Drag Show with Obama As RuPaul Telling Them to Sashay Away (As Requested by Adam Godding)
Ted’s Revenge Meeting (As Requested by Katie, Dave and Andy)
Sean Connery Playing Tennis at Ten-ish at Wimbledon While Dressed as James Bond (As Requested by Mark Spence)
Thom Yorke Wrestling Mr. T in the Facility Bathroom from Goldeneye for the N64 (As Requested by Zachariah Lawson)
Mick Jagger Disappointing Customers at the Paint Mixing Station in B&Q by Matching Every Colour As Black (As Requested by Jack Davis)
Edward Scissorhands, Edward Rockhands and Edward Paperhands in Line to Get into a Flock Of Seagulls Concert at the Whisky a Go Go. Jason Voorhees and Traci Lords Are Waiting Behind Them, and Tony Clifton Is the Doorman Wearing a Tuxedo Made Out of Twizzlers (As Requested by Tracy Morse)
Various Animated Dads Planning a Fathers for Justice Rally (As Requested by William Large)
Alan Partridge and The Ultimate Warrior Posing for a Photo in Alan’s Room at Linton Travel Tavern. At the Right Side of the Room, The Proclaimers are Hurtling Down Through the Floor and Out Through the Ceiling in a Continuous Loop Through Teleportation Holes from the Portal Games (As Requested by Steven Kirkwood)
RoboCop at the Checkout in Tesco, Trying to Decide If Its Worth 10p for a Bag for Life. He Has Bought a Shitload of Soreen So He’s Going to Need Something Sturdy (As Requested by Nick Connors)
A Bitter, Washed Up Sonic the Hedgehog on Crutches Drowning His Sorrows in a Bar Having Completely Ruined His Knees with 26 Years of High Impact Running. He’s Crying Over a Tattered Photo of Amy Rose and Has Just Spent His Last Gold Ring on Whiskey (As requested by David Sinclair)
Kevin McCallister, George Bailey, Bob Cratchit (Kermit version), Buddy the Elf and The Snowman Having a Lovely Christmas Dinner Together While a Shivering John McClane Solemnly Watches from Outside the Dining Room Window (As Requested by Benjamin Allen)
Ainsley Harriott, Son of God (As Requested by Stephen Savage Savage Savage)
Noel Edmonds Calling a Cat to Comfort Him But the Cat Has Turned the Tables and Ends Up Helping Noel Get Through What Is Clearly a Very Troubled Period in His Life (As Requested by Charlie Ray)
Thomas The Tank Engine, Made of Flesh (Except for His Wheels) with a Face That Reflects the Agony of Being Twisted into the Shape of a Train. While the Fat Controller Laughs Beside a Pile of Failed Flesh Locomotive Experiments (As Requested by Adam Hughes)
A Role Reversal of One of Your Most Famous Paintings with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Delivering Letters and Parcels and Blue Meth to the Residents of Greendale. With Ted Glen in the Background Off His Tits on the Meth (As Requested by Craig Graham)
Your CEO Man Mark from Facebook Deleting All the Lovely Requests for Your Paintings. With a Menacing Look on His Face. And Possibly an Evil Laugh. Maybe Also in the Back a Map Showing His Plan for World Domination. Maybe Show a Few Photo on the Walls of His Rivals with Knives Thrown into Them or Something. And His Stacks of Money (As Requested by Niall Graham)
You Cowering in Fear in the Corner of a Dark Room, Paint Covering Every Surface Except the Patch Where You Are, with Twisted Monsters, Politicians and 90s TV Stars Bearing Down on You from Every Direction. A Grim Summation of the Internet Artist’s Burden as He realises He Can’t Please Everybody (As Requested by Paddy Harley)

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