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You Know You’re No Good [Kurt Cobain & Amy Winehouse]

It is now clear we’re living in a place where we no longer have any certainty about reality, apart from our eyes and our ability to put the pieces together. There are means within everyone’s reach that allow us to manipulate the facts and mix what really happened with what we would like to have happened. As long as it remains just a game, that’s alright, but sometimes it tends to get out of control and go a little further.

In April 2019, The Mirror used one of a certain Vemix’s creations as “proof” of the popular conspiracy theory that says Tupac Shakur, the American influential rapper shot in a drive-by shooting, now lives in Mexico. And probably we all know how such events are on the agenda, and everyone is now allowed to make “mistakes” like that.

About Vemix, he’s a digital artist creating photo manipulations basically between 9am-2pm Monday mornings, while his kids are at school. Snopes, one of the most popular fact-checkers on the internet, has dedicated a couple of entries exposing his photographs, while Snoop Dogg posted on his Instagram a Vemix of him smoking weed alongside Kurt Cobain. “Young dogg with Kurt,” he captioned the image.

These events allowed him to become more confident in what he was doing just as an alternative to his “work, raise, repeat”. “I have always spent my free time doing something creative, in whatever medium I’m into at that moment. I used to build a lot of stuff and play guitar. But now there are so many fun opportunities doing this, I don’t do much else,” he said Feature Shoot.

Save the Queen, God [Wu-Tang Clan & Johnny Rotten]
HB [Eminem & Elvis Presley]
TBT [Robert De Niro/Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver & Joaquin Phoenix/Arthur Fleck from Joker]
TBT [Robert De Niro/Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver as Joker]
HMM BOP [Hanson & Kurt Cobain]
TBTs [Marilyn Monroe & Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]
TBTs [Marilyn Monroe & Linda Blair/Regan Teresa MacNeil from The Exorcist]
SpOOooky [Joan Jett & Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th]
TBT “Remember the Time” [Michael Jackson & Kurt Cobain]
Killer Queen Bees
Theory of Madvillainy [Albert Einstein & MF Doom]
Serve the Serpents [Kurt Cobain & Slash]

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