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Metaphorical Realism

Atlas of Wander

A founder of Metaphorical Realism, Vladimir Kush is the first artist to popularize visual metaphor as his method of creation. His art reverses the destructive forces of abstractionism, brings back a wholesome perception of the world around us, and celebrates the life affirming principles of faith, hope, and love. The positive view of the world contains images that encourage viewers, especially children, to thrive in their surroundings.

Vladimir’s works are widely used by schools, colleges, and universities to develop students’ cognitive abilities. The Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health uses his intellectual paintings with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

In 2011, Vladimir won the “Artistes du Monde” award in France. The du Monde award roughly translates to “Painter of the World.” The award was presented to the artist by Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso.

Ascending Sisyphus
Rolex Tower
Argentinian Tango
Sunrise by the Ocean
Butterfly Apple
Born to Fly

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