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Consuming a Tree

How many times, walking through the woods, have we come across a tree knocked down by the wind or by who knows what event. Perhaps we stopped for a moment to observe it, thinking about how much it would heat our apartment, the people we could find again, the words we would exchange, or those we would read in the light of the fireplace. But how were we going to get that tree home? Would we have sawed off it on the spot? An electric saw, yes, but we didn’t have an electric saw, who would have ever lent us? All thoughts that perhaps occupied our minds before resuming our path, leaving that trunk to its fate.

Between 2 and 7 March 2013, the Tulipan Negro — Black Tulip — artistic collective tried to answer all these questions, recovering a tree trunk from a wood and leading it at night, through the city, to the fireplace of an elegant villa. There, an original performance became an opportunity for voices and thoughts to meet. The performance, called Consumir un ArbolConsuming a Tree — was documented by photos and audio uploaded to SoundCloud.

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