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If there is one thing that is immediately evident from Giselle Dekel’s illustrations, it is that life is hard, and this can definitely affect our private dimension — especially in the most ordinary things like laundry day, washing dishes or… Yoga exercises. That’s why you have to dive deep into every moment of escaping — an aperitif, a vacation, or a cup of coffee. “Some days we just want to escape the daily madness and retreat to our cosy bed for a few hours, to nap or relax or, as I prefer to call it, ‘self care’”.

Giselle is a Belgian illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Israel. She loves to create fun and simplistic images, using humor where she can — if not in her work, then definitely in her life. Things that people said about her work come from her kids, “Cool, that’s really nice,” and her husband, “What?”.

Laundry Day
Tel Aviv Bauhaus
Sweater Weather
Monday Mornings
Coffee Lover
Tel Aviv Bauhaus
Cat Gift
Late Night Snack
How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?
Going Deep
F*ck Balloons
Face Mask

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