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Off My Meds

Leslie Taha’s cartoons have appeared in small community newspapers, college papers, and magazines throughout the U.S and Canada. Over the years they have received high acclaim from some of the biggest names in the comedy industry.

According to Darren Johnson, Leslie had a really good cartoon called Off My Meds, and he was trying to break into newspapers, sending his work to several dozen of them. His toons are every bit as good as The Far Side, and in the same style, but he could never get the business model to work.

“A couple of years ago, he wrote us newspapers and said ‘no more’,” Darren said. “He was going to put his cartoon book on Amazon and try to make a living doing that. That didn’t work out, apparently, and last year he started sending out his toons again to newspapers. But then this summer he sent another email announcing his retirement along with five toons about Satan and hell… It’s tough out there for cartoonists.”

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