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Iuliastration: The Dance of Life

The day Iulia Bochis embarked on the journey that would change her forever — one year living and travelling around Asia — she probably didn’t expect how this experience would put her in touch with her inner world. After completing her studies in the UK — Ancient History, Literature and Languages —, she decided to return to her home-country, Transylvania, for a while in an attempt to “figure life out”. One year later, she’ll be on her way to what will also led her back to her art.

“When I started to create, I merely did it as a means of translating my own thoughts and feelings. With time, I realised art is one of the best communication mediums there is, so I decided to start sharing my work with the world.”

Morning Stroll
Progress is Not Linear
Yesterday is Heavy
I am rooted, but I flow (Virginia Woolf)
Your Path
Keep Going
Making Waves
Cycles of Life
Waves of the Sea
The Dance of Life
In a Life of Thoughts
5 More Minutes
Monday Warrior
I Am at Home
My True Self
Kissing the Earth
Yoga with Friends
Seeds of Today
Growth Comes in Many Forms

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