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A Steampunk World

Steampunk Octopus #2

The world imagined by digital artist Sergey Varejnikov, from Russia, is populated by creatures coming directly from that retrofuturistic subgenre of science fiction that is Steampunk.

You will see industrial steam-powered machinery with the appearance of chameleons, sea horses, owls, octopuses… and of a sparkling diver driving a rickshaw.

Flying Gasoline
Steampunk Owl
Bear Cub and Teddy Bear
Festina Lente
Steampunk Chess
Steampunk Sea Horse
Steampunk Chameleon
Steampunk Rickshaw
Steampunk Fish
Citroën 2CV

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  1. I’m Sergey Varejnikov. Thank you for your attention to my work. In 1978 I became disabled and will be able to use a wheelchair. Therefore, realizing my abilities as a 3D artist is very important for me. Many thanks.


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