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Out of Here

A Backlit Lion at Night (Botswana, Africa)

Chris McLennan has been a highly passionate professional photographer for 30 years. His commercial work has seen him photographing on assignment in 60 countries to date.

Chris’s love for his work, his enthusiasm and quest for those special unique images — along with his easy going, friendly personality has turned many clients into lifelong business partners and friends.

Elephants at Sunset (Botswana)
Himba Child (Namibia)
Wildlife (1)
Wildlife (2)
Pure Fiji (Model Release 612)
Long Neck Ladies of the Padaung or Kayan Tribe (Panpet Village in the Loikaw Region of Myanmar)
Wildlife (3)
Wildlife (4)
Himba Chldren at Sunset (Namibia)
A Red Lechwe Backlit at Sunrise (Botswana, Africa)
Out of Here (Namibia)

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