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Space, aliens, cars, pin-up girls… and a whole lot of weight. A universe so dear to the collage artists and all the nostalgic of 50s kind of vibe — when all eyes were on the stars and nothing seemed so impossible. All seasoned with a resinous smell which applies particularly well with the digital “Papier collé”. As in the Vedic period and shamanic and pagan cultures, when Cannabis served as an entheogen, here too, there seems to be something spiritual or religious.

Zdravko Zdravkov, from Razgrad, Bulgaria, is a digital artist “giving new life to Vintage Art”, under the alias Bambashkart.

The Good Old Days
Farming My Own Stuff
True Love (v3)
Galaxy Bath (v2)
Even The Devil Cries
The Giver
The Giver (v2)
Farming My Own Stuff (3)
Farming My Own Stuff (4)
UFO Rider
Morning Scream
Forbidden Love

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